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Electronic Price Tag (EPT)

Electronic Price Tag' is a new eletrconic display device which should be a good solution and total repalcementof your current pricing system with paper printings. More effective, more time and cost savings!!!

Special features

  • Nice and clear display format ETG is small in size but with more information included

    Nice looking acrylic casing, more unified planogram outlooks.

    ETG is compact sized but can display with full information built in

    Attractive and effective designs for "Special Promotions", attract end consumers and enhance the sales volume.

  • Tidier planogram, better store image

    Various tag sizes to best fit with your different products & planograms

    After succesful installation, all the ETG are secured and be put in the correct locatons

    Tidy planogram, product ranges differentiation

  • Easy-To-Use, greatly reduce the daily manpower on daily store operations (price changes)

    1 time installation, no need to have daily operations

    All ETGs are connected and managed by back end IT system. This system is connected with retailer's SKU and pricing systems to ensure all future pricing information is correct.

    All ETGs at all stores can be centrally managed by retailer at their headquarter. Pricing revisions can be well organized and ensure all ETGs will be price updated accurately and on-time in a whole lot.

  • Save daily operation costs

    No more paper label printing, save huge labour costs.

    No mis-location of pricing labels during replacement procedures

    The best price revision accuracy, the lowest error rate